Saule (22 years old) flying high after her experience with White House Guardianships 7 years ago!

Saule is now 22 years old but still fondly remembers her experience on our State School Programme, she is still in contact with her Local Co-ordinator in Exeter (Debbie). Below is her story from then until now.

When I was 15 years old I moved to small town by the sea front called Teignmouth and joined year 11 in Teignmouth Community School. The first few days felt quite a challenge because everything was really new for me. I've had to make new friends and study really hard because my English level wasn't perfect. After while I got used to being in a different country and started feeling a lot better every single day. My language improved because I was surrounded by English people all the time, also I've made friends and it was a lot of fun. At school, everyone was really supportive and I really enjoyed the lessons. The biggest challenge was to pass all the exams because year 11 is the last year before you go to college or 6th form. My original plan was to stay for 1 year but because I enjoyed this program so much I've decided to stay and carry on my studies in college. This decision changed my life completely and I couldn't be happier. So I moved to Exeter city and attended Exeter College studying business and travel & tourism. I had the opportunity to live with local coordinator Deborah of the Exeter area until I finished my program with White House. Whilst with the white house guardianship I always had plenty of support, endorsement to achieve my dreams. Exeter city has a lot of students because of its college and university so I was able to meet other students from many countries on programs. Being on the White house program gave me so many opportunities, meeting new people and making new friends, it really improved my language and communication skills. I gained some work experience in customer service which is really useful for me now. I made a lot of friends through College. After so many years we are still really close and like I say they are friends for life. When I finished college, I was working part time but decided to go back home for a while. Being at home I had an opportunity to start working in aviation as a cabin crew and moved back to England to Manchester. I worked for Lithuanian airline called Small planet but based in Manchester. This was an amazing experience and I met a lot of different people every single day. Our crew was international and it was really interesting to work in that sort of environment. Our passengers were mainly from UK so I found it really easy to communicate with them and understand their needs because I already had lived in the country for quite a few years and knew the culture. Also I had an opportunity to travel around Europe. Whilst working for Small planet airlines another great opportunity became available to train and work for Airbaltic airlines based in Riga/Vilnius. I decided not to miss this chance and joined the company. Now I am travelling around the world and doing what I love. Being on this program with White House Guardianships taught me a lot of things. I now speak fluent English. It helped me to always believe in myself and never give up on whatever you do. Being away from your parents for so long makes you more independent, grown up and look at life from different perspective. This was an amazing opportunity. I am 22 now and Exeter will always be my second home. I always come back to visit all of my friends and it really does feel like home :).I hope you enjoyed my story and thank you to everyone involved in my journey.

Happy Spanish students experience a week at a local UK school

Last week we welcomed a group of 30 Spanish students on our Group State School Integration Programme. They had full integration at The Bourne Academy with local British students in Bournemouth finishing their week with a British cream tea. They were a pleasure to host, thanks for choosing WHG!

Mara Tomei - Booked for one year, stayed for three years!

Mara Tomei joined our State School Programme in 2014 for one year to take her GCSEs in year 11 and live with a local host family. She attended Ferndown Upper School and enjoyed her time so much, ended up staying to take her A levels and will be heading to university this September. She has kindly written about her experience: My name is Mara Tomei and I joined the programme in the school year of 2014/2015. The programme was supposed to only last one year, but here I am in 2017, finishing the last year of my A-levels at an English school. The British way of living and their culture has captivated me, to say the least. Since i went on my first vacation to England I've always wanted to experience living there, so I applied for a year abroad with a UK high school homestay programme. It was very important for my family and me that I would be living with a host family, as i was only 14 years old when i left for the programme and my family wanted the best support for me during my time away from home. My host family is amazing and we've grown together quite closely. They support me in everything I do and i couldn't ask for a better host family. Of course it is awkward at first, but once you all get to know each other the time together is priceless. Finding friends at school was hard at first, especially because my articulation wasn't the best. However, after spending enough time in lessons together, some English students approached me - mostly out of curiosity i think - but we've been good friends ever since! School and lessons were very different and difficult at the beginning, especially as it was in a completely different language! Once you get used to the whole different education system, it seems like you've never been at school anywhere else. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths in Year 13, which are quite difficult and knowledge heavy subjects, however, I couldn't imagine studying anything else! My plans after I graduate are to either be a Doctor or be involved in Biomedical research, such as epidemiology and immunology, both professions i have always been wanting to do. The programme gave me a second chance to achieve my dreams of becoming a doctor or generally be involved in science, as my work ethic in Germany wasn't appropriate for success, so i fell very far behind. White House Guardianship themselves are a very caring agency and i couldn't have wished for any better! Everyone at White House Guardianships wishes Mara the best of luck in her A Levels and glad she has enjoyed the experience so much. #guardianship

Queen Margaret's School - York

Will & Peggotty visited Queen Margaret's School in York, December 2016. A beautiful small school for girl's just outside the city of York.

Mrs Katherine Walker, Director or Marketing and Admission gave us a tour of the school and boarding houses. It was a quiet and peaceful tour, the first group of girls we saw were in the sports hall having a PE lesson and in the same building, there is a heated swimming pool.

We then strolled through the campus looking in classrooms some of which only had 6-8 girls in. We then visited a few boarding houses, the first was called Red House which is for Year 1 girls - a very sweet house (with a red door!) it offers a very warm and homely environment for young girls - Katherine said that 85% of the girl's were boarding which sounded perfect for international students at the weekends. After Red House we visited The Cottages which are boarding houses for Year 13 students. They were very amazing and offered the girls a great amount of independent living which is a great step towards university. There were only a small number of girls in each cottage and each of them had their own room as well as a communal kitchen. We spoke to one of the girls who recommended the school and boarding houses with great delight.

A huge thank you to everyone at Queen Margaret's for taking care of us. Best wishes, Will & Peggotty (WHG Head Office)

Queen Ethelburga’s

Will Hume and Peggotty Moore had the pleasure of visiting Queen Ethelburga’s in November and were amazed at the facilities and the size of the campus.

We were welcomed by Mr Stephen Jandrell and had a meeting with the Deputy Headmaster before being given a tour. It boasts some of the most advanced sporting facilities which includes a state of the art gymnasium as part of their £30 million sports village. Next to the indoor pool were ice baths which we were not tempted by but showed the level of investment in their elite sports programmes.

We were then shown ‘The Atrium’ which is a boarding house which was something we had never seen before. The entrance was lit up with neon lights and at the end of the corridor you come out in to a grand open space with a giant Bumblebee Transformer that must be 20 metres tall! Girls boarding is one side of the block and boys the other side – they can socialise and work in the middle but have no access to each other’s accommodation.

After our tour, we met with the heads of academic and the key contact for pastoral care which was important to see how the school dealt with students who found challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

A morning well spent and certainly a boarding school that is well-equipped for students.

Thank you to all staff for their hospitality at Queen Ethelburga’s from White House Guardianships.

Happy Host Family in Wales

Mrs McLoughlin sent some wonderful feedback. She hosted Maryam from Germany for 7 months on our State School Programme. Maryam had such a good time, she came back to visit on holiday. Mrs McLoughlin writes; One of your "White House" students that stayed with my family for 7 months returned today to spend her 2 weeks holiday with us and to meet up with the great friends she made in Wales. She's a brave young lady only 15 years old. She said "the experience has given her life skills she never knew she had" and feels a more confident person. Maryam is from Germany and when we meet again today it was like my daughter coming home. We feel Maryam will always be in our lives and part of our family forever. It would be lovely if we could leave stories and pictures like this on our host family profile page for new students to read and allow them to share the experience of other students to give them the confidence they are coming to a happy family. We are so pleased to have such positive feedback from a host family about a student under our guardianship.

Well done Adrian!!

Congratulations from all of us at WHG on your great achievement. Sue and Richard (the local guardians) sent he following report I went to Adrian 's leaving presentation on Saturday who was given the Headmaster 's award for top achiever, achievement in Latin, swimming award and ICT & computing prize. He is now leaving Tockington manor to go to Sidcot school. Adrian has been outstanding in the 3 years he has been at the school. Sue & Richard

Congratulations to Albert

A very special award has been given to Albert studying at Wymondham College at Speech Day. Our local guardian Ingrid was there for him to receive his award and sent he following report. I spent an enjoyable few hours this weekend at Wymondham College with Albert when he was presented at Speech Day with a special Wymondham College honour cup - The Gail Ferguson Award - this was presented to Albert to mark the positive contribution he has made to school and in particular to Year 13. Albert has been at Wymondham since 2011 and has been very notably positive in his approach to his studies and to his fellow students from the outset. It has always been a pleasure for me to meet with him and to engage in many long and interesting conversations - often related to history or politics as well as school matters. He is very outgoing and always impeccably mannered. He has now finished his A level studies in History, Sociology and Maths - Albert hopes to study politics at Warwick. Everyone at White House Guardianships wishes Albert the best of luck for the future!

Farewell to two of our German students in Bristol

Sue and Richard, local guardians for Bath/Bristol thought they would take their students for a catch-up at the Jolly Sailor in Bristol. Two of their students left at the weekend and what better way to say goodbye than a good British pub lunch!

Newton Abbot College Welcomes Chinese Students

Newton Abbot College has been proud to welcome 17 Chinese students for a week-long look into life and education at the College. Organised through White House Guardianships, the students arrived from Beijing on 13th July and were ‘buddied’ with College students from Years 10, 11 and 12. Students have been exposed to all aspects of College life, from attending and participating in a wide range of lessons, to joining existing friendship groups and getting an insight into life in a British learning environment. The visit has proved to be highly successful, with Year 12 student, Rachel Spooner, commenting: “It has been extremely valuable spending time with students from across the other side of the world. We have seen how their lifestyle differs from here in the UK and we have enjoyed learning some Chinese and had an insight into their culture. We will be sad to see them go as we have enjoyed welcoming them into our groups of friends.” Visiting student Chen Chen has had an equally positive experience: “I have enjoyed the teamwork in classes; especially Biology where we have performed experiments not available to students in China. The students are very friendly and open and they have really taken care of us.”

Isle of Wight Students Head to an Ice-Hockey Match

Our students on the Isle of Wight we're invited to watch a local ice-hockey match with their who reports; The ice-hockey was really good fun and the action happened so fast! The Wightlink Raiders are always at the top of the league and their matches are fast and furious! We all enjoyed the evening and it was great to spend some time relaxing and having fun together. Watch this space for more events, especially as the weather warms up and we head for the beach! Debbie (Local guardian for the Isle of Wight)

Star Media Student

Well done Jan from Germany. This photo was taken last Tuesday evening at a sixth form open evening for Sandown Bay Academy which our local guardian Debbie attended. Jan is studying creative media as one of his subjects and he has produced a promotional video for Chocolate Island, an island business based in Godshill, which makes its own chocolate in an amazing range of flavours including garlic, of course! He is one of three teams who have been involved in this project. If his entry is chosen, it will be broadcast on the ferries. It was great to see him at the evening being so enthusiastic about his work on the project. Best of luck!

Selfie Competition in Torbay

We have recently run a competition for our local students. We set them the challenge of taking a selfie with her host family, with a catch, everybody had to be pulling a silly face. Please see attached the Winner - Paula from Germany She will soon be receiving a large tub of chocolates as a prize!

Our New Website

We're delighted to release the new version of our website!  The new design makes the site easier to navigate and will work on any device.  If you have any feedback, please let us know!