WHG Guardianship Service - Host Families

WHG is an organisation that offers guardianship support services to students 7 – 18 years from all over the world studying in British education.  From our main office in Bournemouth and subsidiary offices throughout the Uk, we are able to offer our students a personal approach to international students from 39 different countries under our care.
To enhance this, we recognise that hospitality offered to our students is a very important part of this care, which is appreciated by both WHG and our students, and it does form the basis of many long lasting friendships.
There are some important points we should mention to comply with the Children Act of 1989, which clearly states that you must be able to confirm that no person in your household has ever:-
  • Been convicted of any offence against a child
  • Had a child removed from their care by order of a court
  • Had their parental rights removed
  • Had an order made against them refusing or cancelling Registration under the Nurseries and Child Minders Registration Act 1948
Together with our agents abroad, we prepare students as much as possible for their stay in the UK, thus ensuring a happy experience for all concerned and we hope a long lasting friendship between families.  The Host Family is an extremely important part of their success.
If you would like to become a part of the WHG family and host international students